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At The Jimerson Law Firm we pride ourselves in catering to the needs of our clients in a manner that is different from what you normally get with other law firms. We believe in exceeding expectations by solving problems and creating value in unexpected ways. We treat our client’s matters as our own and do everything possible to help them when they need us the most. We actively promote our clients and look for ways to grow their businesses and improve their lives. Our motto is whatever your legal situation is we’ll be happy to speak with you about it. If we can’t help you, we certainly won’t hurt you. Call us today!

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Proud Member of the St. Louis Community | Herman Jimerson, Esq., Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.

Herman Jimerson, Esq. received his law degree from the University of Missouri School of Law in 1986, and has spent the years since helping the people of St. Louis and surrounding areas with all their legal matters. Attorney Jimerson is proud to be a Missourian and his love for the people of St. Louis shines through as he treats every client like family.

At the Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. we handle many types of important legal cases and proceedings. For over 36 years we have consistently achieved successful outcomes for our personal injury and criminal defense clients. Additionally, our team can assist you with tax resolution, business law, bankruptcy, and estate planning. Our firm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and through the years we have consistently received accolades from notable organizations and publications, such as the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis, the Missouri State Public Defender’s Office, Kansas City Magazine, and many others. The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. is the firm that the people of St. Louis turn to when their legal matter is critical and must be handled with care.

Personal Injury Attorney in St. Louis, MO | The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.

When you’re involved in an accident of any kind, your first priority always is to care for yourself and others who may be injured. Seek medical help immediately because the health and well being of all people is more important than anything else. Priority number two, which should be dealt with as soon as possible after you have received professional medical care, needs to be legal. Hiring a personal injury attorney right away is critical. Whether you’re in the city of St. Louis, or somewhere else in the Greater St. Louis area, you’ll need a personal injury attorney who has experience, an attorney who can assess the situation quickly and get to work.

At the Jimerson Law Firm, P.C., we treat every case with care; we bring in the top investigators and get to the bottom of what happened. If there is a negligent party, we’ll find them—no matter where they try to hide. And we’ll put every ounce of our over 36 years of legal experience into your case to make the negligent party pay you handsomely for your injuries. Whether your injury is minor or major, when another party is at fault, we’ll make them pay. The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. gets results. We’ve successfully settled many cases. Let us get you the compensation you deserve. The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. is your personal injury attorney in St. Louis, MO.


"Herman was my divorce attorney in 1997. He was good then but he is great now. He has my unequivocal positive recommendation. You can't go wrong with Herman. He is an old..."

Eric B.

"Expert Attorney! Had a case that went to the federal court and this law firm was professional and Mr. Jimerson got the job done. I was very happy with the results. Great Law firm."

C. Hayes
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Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis, MO | The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.

For many Americans every year, bankruptcy is a difficult truth that they must begrudgingly face. In fact, according to a recent 2019 report by CNBC, upwards of half a million families file for bankruptcy every year due to medical issues and bills alone. If you believe that you are heading to that point of no return, contact us. The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. is skilled in financial matters and can help you decide if filing for bankruptcy is your best option.

Have you missed a mortgage payment and fear you may miss another, contact us; we are your bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis, MO. A bankruptcy filing will put an automatic stay on your debts and make it impossible for your lender to foreclose on your home, at least temporarily. However, that stay, no matter how long it is, might be enough time for us to work with you and find a financial solution that can help you save your home. Bankruptcy offers many benefits and isn’t a dirty word. If you are seeking relief from debt collectors and the constant harassment, a bankruptcy filing might be the answer. Come in and talk with us and we’ll discuss all the options you have before you. You might discover that there are alternatives to bankruptcy, or maybe bankruptcy is the best option; regardless, we’ll sit with you and go through every possible option and find the best solution. Consider us your partner in financial matters, and let us help you walk away from the stress and anxiety of financial insolvency. If financial woes are taking you over, hire a bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis, MO who truly cares about the community, and you; hire Herman Jimerson of The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.

Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Louis, MO | The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, have been arrested, or think you may be charged or arrested in the near future, you need a criminal defense attorney, and you need one right now. The criminal justice system has a reputation for moving slowly, but make no mistake, from the minute you’re charged or arrested, prosecutors will be moving very quickly to secure the evidence they need to convict you and put you behind bars. St. Louis, MO prosecutors make their reputations on convictions, so when you’ve been charged or arrested you have to act immediately; you have to hire a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney, to build your defense and protect your rights.

When you hire us we’ll get to work immediately. We’ll investigate your case from every angle. Our investigators are seasoned state investigators and they’ll leave no stone unturned in a relentless search for evidence that will prove your innocence. We’ll interview witnesses and get their accounts on record while their memories are sharp and fresh. And we’ll interview all police and law enforcement personnel who were involved or on the scene, looking for holes in their stories or egregious errors in police procedure that could have violated your rights and will thereby give us an opportunity to seek a dismissal of your case.

The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. is your criminal defense attorney in St. Louis, MO. We will not stop working for you until a favorable outcome is achieved and you are satisfied. We have plea bargained for significantly less severe punishments and fines; we’ve had our cases dismissed before they ever go to trial, and we have won acquittals. No matter what crime you’ve been charged with, whether it’s a simple misdemeanor or a serious felony, we’re on your side and will push aggressively to get you the best outcome possible.

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