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Dealing with a DUI case is often an overwhelming and stressful experience to find yourself in. At Jimerson Law Firm, P.C., we provide the legal representation necessary to get our clients the best possible outcome in their DUI cases. With over 35 years of experience defending thousands of individuals with their drunk driving and criminal cases in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area, we are well-equipped to help resolve whatever legal matter you may be facing.

DUI charges in Missouri should not be taken lightly, as it is a criminal charge and there are harsh penalties that ensue if you are convicted. Whatever legal situation you may find yourself in, Attorney Herman Jimerson is a DUI lawyer that has the knowledge and skillset to approach each individual case with a wise understanding of the appropriate steps to take to ensure your protection.

Why Do I Need A DUI Defense Attorney If I Am Facing A DUI Charge?

If you are facing a DUI charge, it is imperative that you retain the best DUI attorney available to provide you with legal protection. Whatever may have happened in your situation, law enforcement is known to construe statements and evidence in order to get a conviction. Attorney Herman Jimerson is a criminal defense lawyer that knows these tactics and how to protect his clients from them. Having adequate legal protection is crucial for the integrity of your case, and for the security of your future.

It is apparent that the more DUI charges you have, the more severe the legal consequences. However, even if this is your first DUI case, having a first-offense DUI attorney to steer your case in the right direction is an important way to ensure the swift resolution of your case, perhaps even helping you avoid a conviction altogether. Even still, if your case does end with a conviction, an expert first conviction DUI attorney like Herman Jimerson plays a significant role in the severity of your outcome and how your life takes shape afterward.

Why Choose Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. To Defend My DUI Case?

At Jimmerson Law Firm, P.C., we do not take the security of your future lightly, and we will always put in the time and effort to ensure you have the best possible legal representation for your case. With our expansive experience with these types of cases, our legal knowledge plays a very important role in the way we represent our clients.  No matter what kind of DUI case you may be facing, Attorney Herman Jimerson will apply his experience in the legal field to mitigate the factors you are contending with, and resolve your case as swiftly and stress-free as possible. Our casework has shown to be an invaluable resource to our clients, and we will always fight for your rights to the best of our ability, no matter what.

If you are facing a possible DUI case, please do not hesitate to contact our office today in St. Louis, MOl at (314) 786-3536 to discuss your case. We offer a free initial consultation to all clients.

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