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The most disturbing letter you can receive is one from the Internal Revenue Service that states you owe a great amount of money and that they are going to take everything you own to satisfy what they claim you owe. You feel helpless, embarrassed, no place to turn to for help and certainly not trusting of those commercials you see on television. We at the Jimerson Law Firm understand and take pride that we helped many people over a number of years get on track, save their assets and get that fresh and deserved the new start.

It’s easy for good hard working people to fall behind. We specialize in dealing with Taxpayers that are in trouble with the IRS. Many come to use feeling enormous stress and extreme financial pain and hardship on them and their business. We can help and most times without you even speaking with the IRS! Attorney Herman L. Jimerson is a member of the United States Tax Court various groups dedicated to providing services to the American Taxpayers. He is a licensed Missouri Tax lawyer with many years of experience. He understands the local laws relating to Tax problems in St. Louis, MO, and he is also well aware how IRS works. He is known as an experienced St. Louis, MO Tax attorney who has helped numerous clients sort their tax related issues in Missouri over the years. Call us today at (314) 786-3536 for a Free Initial Consultation!


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