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It’s happened; out of the blue your company announces layoffs and you’re weeks away from being jobless. Would you have enough savings to survive, to pay your mortgage, your car payments, for the kids’ education, clothes and food? According to a recent survey on Americans and their savings, a staggeringly high number of Americans would not go to their savings to cover even a $1,000 emergency expense, with many turning to credit cards or family members for help. What if you suddenly succumb to a major illness, or are in a severe accident that was your fault and left you with life-changing injuries? No one wants to consider any of the aforementioned scenarios, but life sometimes brings unexpected events and unexpected events sometimes force bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy, however, is not the end of the line, nor is it the end of your life. Millions of Americans have filed bankruptcy, gotten their affairs in order, and have gone on to achieve financial stability, sometimes even financial success that they never dreamed possible. The point is, bankruptcy is simply a tool and should be looked at as such. It is not final and you will recover.

At the Jimerson Law Firm, P.C., we do not consider bankruptcy to be a dirty word, though many think that it is. When you sit down and truly look at all your options, bankruptcy can sometimes be your friend, the best option when your debt is spiraling out of control and you have no means to stop it otherwise. Many people think that if they just keep digging that hole eventually they’ll find a way out, but that’s not how it works in most cases. If debt is piling up and you’re staring down a mountain of bills, with debt collectors calling you nonstop, and the possibility of losing your home is becoming more of a reality than a simple worry, bankruptcy could be the solution.

Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Louis, MO | Chapter 7 and Beyond

An experienced bankruptcy chapter 7 Attorney in St. Louis, MO can guide you through all your options. A bankruptcy chapter 7 Attorney understands the nuances of filing chapter 7 and can explain why this particular filing could be a better road for you to take over other bankruptcy filings that are available to you. The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. has the knowledge and savvy to navigate the financial options and they’ll put you on the path to recovery.

When it’s time to consider it, you need a bankruptcy attorney in St. Louis, MO who has been there before with numerous clients. You need a bankruptcy attorney who understands your situation and cares. You need a bankruptcy attorney who can help you assess your financial situation and find a strategy that can get you back on top, whether that is through bankruptcy or an alternative path to handle your financial affairs. You need Herman Jimerson of The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. in St. Louis, MO. Herman cares about the people of St. Louis and he’ll work hard to get you back on your feet financially by providing you with a strategy to get there.

Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in St. Louis, MO, can wipe out all your debts and give you a fresh start. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation where the trustee collects all of your assets and sells the assets which are not exempt. The amount collected from selling the assets is given to the debtor and you. Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Missouri can be tricky and will require the services of a Missouri chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer. The office of Jimerson Law Firm, P.C., located in St. Louis, MO, has experienced and qualified attorneys who understand the local laws and can help you file for bankruptcy. Give us a call today at (314) 786-3536 to speak with a St. Louis, MO chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney right away. We provide Free Initial Consultation.

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