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Business Law

Business Law

A St. Louis Lawyer Working For Your Business

The business and commercial lawyers at Jimerson Law Firm, P.C., based in St. Louis, MO, have been serving clients all over Missouri for many years. We love helping businesses thrive. We are passionate about supporting business owners and employers with their enterprise-related legal matters.

As an attorney who has been practicing for over 35 years, Mr. Herman Jimerson, Esq., has the knowledge and experience to handle your business law needs. No matter what type of business you own, you can trust Jimerson Law Firm to manage any legal affairs required for your business.

How Can A Business Lawyer Help Me?

Business lawyers provide a variety of services, depending on your business needs and goals. Our business law attorneys in St. Louis, Missouri are qualified to assist you with a full range of business-related legal issues. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Tax audits and reviews
  • Financial reviews
  • Business contracts
  • Employee issues
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Succession planning
  • Bankruptcy
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • And more…

Our Missouri business lawyers can also provide legal aid with entrepreneurial matters, real estate, securities and investments, as well as estate planning and finance law.

Whether you are starting a business, growing your enterprise, or buying or selling a business, look no further for your legal needs. Our professional business attorneys can ensure that you are on track and in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.

If you are facing legal challenges or tax issues, we can help with problem-solving. Our team is also able to set you up for success to avoid future tax or legal trouble.

Support For Your Business – Big Or Small

At Jimerson Law Firm, we understand that no enterprise is the same as another. Depending on the size of your business, the industry, the current stage of your business, and your operational goals, you may have very different requests and expectations of your business attorney.

Whether you need a small business lawyer in St. Louis, or a corporate attorney, we have decades of experience to help your company succeed. We love to get to know our clients and find out how our services could assist you in achieving your business objectives.

From resolving tough commercial law cases, to offering counsel on business legalities, to planning for the future of your company, our business attorneys are here to advise you from start to finish. No matter the size or stage of your business, Jimerson Law Firm can guide you to the end result you are seeking.

Let Us Serve You And Your Business

Business ventures often come with plenty of stressful circumstances and a never-ending list of things to do. With responsibilities like marketing, managing employees, and dealing with customers, business owners have their hands full. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to know when you should ask for professional legal help.

Let the business law attorneys at Jimerson Law Firm take the legal aspects of owning a business off your plate. While it may be advisable to seek assistance earlier rather than later, we are here for you regardless of where in the process you find yourself.

If you are a business owner or employer based in St. Louis, MO, give us a call today at (314) 786-3536 to schedule an appointment. We offer a Free Initial Consultation to all our clients, where we can review and discuss your case free of charge.

At Jimerson Law Firm, the success of our clients and their businesses is important to us, and we are intent on providing value. We cater our legal services to your specific business situation to ensure that your business goals are met. Contact us today to get the business law support you deserve to help your business thrive!

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