Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.


“I have had an excellent experience working with Attorney Jimerson for 20 years now. He is professional and accurate about the law. He is also knowledgeable, and I always feel my needs are met and exceeded.”

Christine P.

“Attorney Jimerson is a wonderful attorney. He is very knowledgeable of the law, answers questions and take time to explain the law. He knows his stuff! He has exceptional customer service skills and his clients matter. l always refer everyone to call my attorney because he’s prompt, proficient and very professional and concerned about his clients. He closes your case but never his memory of you being a client with follow-up. Thank you, newsletters and FB posts of new laws. He can be your attorney also, Call today!”

Alnita H.

“He is awesome. Tiffany is always great and they both are very easy to work with. Their follow up and follow through is one of a kind. A wonderful experience, he is a rare Christian man who is honest and trust worthy. I appreciate him very much.”

Savittra R.

“He has been fantastic, very receptive and anything I ask he is always there and willing to help. His staff is also great and very timely. I have never waited even 12 hours for a response.”

Rachelle M.

“He is a great attorney, and I have nothing but nice things to say about him. He is attentive and was so nice and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. Mr. Jimerson was attentive to my medical needs and was always available and willing to answer questions and concerns of mine.”

Lawanda M.

“I have already recommended the firm. He kept me up to date on my case and all the court dates and I was always informed and he always kept me in the loop.”

Maurice L.

“I have been a client of Jimerson law firm for several years. Herman and Tiffany are both professional and personable. The response time of this firm is outstanding and every phone call, question or email has been answered or addressed promptly. Attorney Jimerson practices with a high level of integrity and I have the utmost confidence in his legal advice. If you are seeking a Christian attorney I highly recommend Jimerson Law Firm!”

Savitria R.

“Attorney Jimerson has truly been a pleasure to work with. He has taken the time to explain everything to me because this is a new experience for me, I have had tons of questions and he has answered every single one. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and diligent. Attorney Jimerson has a wonderful sense of humor and makes you feel like you are family, rather than just another case walking through his office door. When I met with him, I felt like he took the time to listen and understand. Tiffany, his paralegal, is awesome as well. Very prompt and attentive!”

R. Morgan

“It has been great working with him. He is so attentive to your needs and he makes it fast and easy. He has such attention to details and he is a wonderful lawyer.”

Nathan M.

“For me he was great, I have used him in three cases and will always use him if needed. My first case was dismissed and the second, third cases went in my favor as well. He is easy to talk to and does.”

Scott M.

“Herman Jimerson is the best attorney in the state! He is an honest man and he will not lie or tell you something wrong. He is supportive and personable and a really caring man.”

Alnita H.

“I never had any trouble with communication while working with him. He was easy to talk to and I would use him again.”

Annette H.

“I would recommend him, he was always available and seemed to really care. I could call on the weekends and even if he was busy he would take time to answer.”

Lonnie H.

“Case just started. Very good. Family has already used him.”

Joy L.

“I would refer Jimerson Law Firm to friends and family.”

Lawanda M.

“I would recommend and say to everyone, who enters a courtroom, to be sure that the Jimerson Law Firm, is on their side.”

Antoine S.

“We were treated with respect, kept up to date of issues concerning our case and I’m glad we had the chance to have Mr. Jimerson on our team. If family or friends should ever need an attorney I would send them to see Attorney Jimerson.”

Glitter M.

“Great advocate and knowledgeable of the law.”

Tanika M.

“Each time I’ve hired attorney Jimerson, he’s treated me with respect, taken the time to fully answer each of my questions and address all of my concerns as a client. Although I know he has other clients, his attention to detail made me feel as if I was the only one! Absolutely fantastic experience.”

Toryn R.

“Herman made me feel taken care of. Awesome!”

Alan S.

“Herman always told me my options and provided me his best legal advice. I would trust Herman to represent me in all matters. I would strongly recommend the Jimerson Law Firm to anyone looking for legal representation.”

Sterling M.

“Mr. Jimerson and his staff treated me with respect. I was kept up to date on my case. They were very responsive to all of my questions. They were professional and courteous and I felt very comfortable that I made a good decision to hire him as my attorney. If asked by a family or friend how I would describe my experience being represented by Mr. Jimerson, I would say confidently he is working on my behalf and fully representing my interests.”

Keenya G.

“Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, kind. Mr. Jimerson is the Attorney I go to when I have legal matters. He is very astute in legal matters and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He goes above and beyond and is a great listener!”

Claudia A.

“I was treated like I was the only client, very personable. The best that your money can afford.”

Kelly P.

“Attorney Jimerson has always exemplified great professionalism and knowledge of the law. He is an excellent attorney that I have had handled many cases in the past 20 years. I refer Attorney Jimerson all of the time. My referrals have always been satisfied with his work.”

Marion H.

“Herman Jimerson is a go getter. When you hire him, he always gives 100%. What I like most about Herman’s services is that he will always give you the straight scoop. “You are paying me to do a job” he stated, that was all I needed to hear, I realized he serious and was had my best interest at heart. I gave him full control and he achieved the results I desired.”

Stan F.

“An Attorney that cares about you and your situation. He is kind, considerate, knowledgeable and professional like none other. This man will fight to defend your rights and believe me, he is ready, willing and able to go to battle on your behalf. I have always been pleased with the services provided by Attorney Herman Jimerson and his staff.”

Marvin L.

“Herman is the most caring, patient attorney I have ever met but a fierce practitioner of law. He’ll win your case and advise you on asset protection. He’s the total package.”

Marcelle P.

“Herman was my divorce attorney in 1997. He was good then but he is great now. He has my unequivocal positive recommendation. You can’t go wrong with Herman. He is an old school gentleman and a scholar.”

Eric B.

“Expert Attorney! Had a case that went before the federal court and this law firm was professional and Mr. Jimerson got the job done. I was very happy with the results. Great Law firm!”

C. Hayes