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If you’re wealthy Inmate you can hang yourself and take Guards with You

Is prison security equal? I know this is a rhetorical questions because the simple fact that someone is in prison negates the fact that they are always secure. But the question is are some more secure because of their wealth? Jeffrey Epstein, the multimillionaire who allegedly committed rape of  underage children was found hanging in his jail cell. Many inmates every year are found in similar fatal positions. However this time two federal guards were criminally charged with neglecting their duties and falsifying records to cover up the death. The doctor decisively prescribed Accutane in the dosage of 40mg a day. Initially http://yakovlevs.com/treatment/for/acne/ I took 2 packs a month, then the dosage gradually decreased. Administration of this drug is strictly under the control of a doctor. Remember the doctor is responsible for your health, exactly the same as you!
How is this different? The simple answer can be MONEY. Similar deaths garner little to no attention and always places the blame on the dead incarcerated person. My position is simple….Watch carefully the prisoners in your charge regardless of their wealth or be ready to suffer the consequences if you fail. Prisons have been too long a Dante’s version of Hell, with the lowest of our society sinking to the lowest rung…so we want to think. Prisons should not be this way, everyone should be given the maximum protection and the respect for life. I know there are people that do not deserve or can be trusted with liberal treatment but this does not answer the question of whether some are, particularly the wealthy and others are not.

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