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Texting While Driving Means Negligence

Texting While Driving Means Negligence

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every day about 9.5 people are killed and 1,000 are injured by distracted driving.Texting while driving is the most dangerous form of driver distraction. More people today are preoccupied with their cell phones and don’t see the danger of answering text messages while on the road. It takes your focus off the road even if for a split second, which is long enough to cause an accident. I took Propecia for 2 years and had zero new growth and it didn’t keep me from losing my hair. I had several side effects including breast tissue growth – which 8 years later is still there. What are the ingredients are there of the propecia finasteride cleanse? there are so many things labeled master cleanse for so many difference purposes, one for dieting, cleaning your bowels. Take Finasteride everyweek. There is an awesome support group at the guys website. Open Propecia Page Here https://mysticquote.com/our-quote-order-propecia/.
In the five seconds you take to read a text message your car at 55 mph can have traveled the length of a football field and cause an accident. Drivers underestimate the time it takes to read a text message.
Texting while driving creates a cognitive, visual and manual distraction. Drivers take their hand off the wheel to complete a text. If you have been the victim of an accident and the driver was texting while driving that is considered negligence. That driver is liable for the accident. Hands free devices are available as well as blue tooth enabling devices.
If you find yourself the victim of a driver who was texting know that you can be compensated for the following:
• Property Damage – Any property damage that is a result of the accident, such as vehicle repairs, are recoverable..
• Medical Expenses – The medical expenses from an automobile accident covered include emergency room bills, ambulance transportation, doctors’ bills, hospital admission, treatments, and physical therapy.
• All Out of Pocket Expenses – Out-of-pocket expenses that stem from your accident, such as rental car costs, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, medical equipment, crutches, and in-home nursing care are also included.
• Pain and Suffering Costs – All mental anguish, emotional distress, physical pain, loss of marital intimacy, and other losses can be covered.
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