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What Types Of Tax Resolution Cases Does Your
Firm Handle?

We handle many types of areas in tax resolution. Tax resolution is somewhat of a very specialized field. Many attorneys don’t know where to begin with an I.R.S. problem. Frankly it’s something that you don’t want to play around with. We handle matters such as penalty abatements, I.R.S. audits representation, waiving of interest and installment agreements. The I.R.S. offers a special program called “Offer in Compromise” whereby considerable tax liability can be diminished. This takes a dedication of time and proper presentation of your financial situation to the I.R.S. We have great success in navigating those waters on your behalf.

The I.R.S. is vested with much power to act on seizing your property without going to court. It can place liens on your real estate preventing you from selling it, or even frustrating your attempts to refinance the home to pay off legitimate debts. It can even be seized and sold to force payment. That’s not the only enforcement action the I.R.S. can take. It can levy your bank accounts, garnish your payroll earnings and attach any personal property to sell as well. The thing most people want in terms of taxes is peace of mind. You can’t have that peace when your financial security is being swallowed by the I.R.S. People look forward to their Social Security income, their pension benefits, investments and the fruits of their labor as the cushion for their retirement years. The I.R.S. looks at it as low hanging fruit. You’re not protected unless you get the appropriate help.

We handle I.R.S. injured or innocent spouse claims, obtaining documents through the Freedom of Information Act, obtaining releases of bank and wage levies, lien release, their subordination, discharge or withdrawal. We will appear before the I.R.S. in a Tax Court, and represent you in I.R.S. civil and criminal matters.

Why Should Someone Hire A Tax Resolution Attorney Instead Of Another Professional Like A CPA?

This is an often-asked question and the answer is you should call someone that is an specialized at that kind of representation. You wouldn’t ask your dentist to perform open heart surgery or your mechanic to balance your checkbook. We don’t knock tax professionals but the representation of you by them is rather limited. Most will not be present with you before the I.R.S. or in the Tax court or even explain how they made their tax decision that is being questioned. My one complaint about some of the tax professionals that you see on TV is that they are a group of people hired by a company to get your dollars. Most are not attorneys or even C.P.A’s. You will never see them and it is very likely that they will not be there for any significant time to give you any assistance.

If A Company Gives Assurances Of Resolving My Taxes For Pennies On The Dollar, Is It Too Good To Be True?

Yes. It is too good to be true. The attorney that made that phrase popular has been sued into bankruptcy and no longer practicing law. Let’s not take that away from the efficacy of reducing tax liability, the penalties, the interests and the loss of freedom. In fact, pennies on the dollar is too effective for the I.R.S.; but in terms of freedom from the stress, worry and trouble, it is probably true. In other words, the I.R.S. doesn’t want you to use attorneys because it works. The peace of mind after you get those liabilities reduced, you can factor that to what you consider or what your perception is of pennies on the dollar really mean. Using an attorney is a smart way of budgeting your spendable dollar.

Is There More Than One Way To Solve My Tax Problems? What Are My Options?

The only way out is through. The I.R.S. will not go away. They will wait until you are dead and still come after your estate. They are a massive collection bureau and you are well advised to take that bureau on right when it happens. We must confront the I.R.S. and discuss with them how to resolve the issue. They are anxious to speak with people but not necessarily anxious to speak to your attorney. Attorneys provide a better outcome. The I.R.S. has adopted new proceedings that appears similar to a collection bureau with great powers to seize property, garnish wages, levy bank accounts, revoke passports, jobs or even refer to criminal prosecution. There are many options for people but the best is an attorney.

Do I Still Have To Deal With I.R.S. Once I Have A Tax Attorney By My Side?

This is by far the best deal ever. Once you engage an attorney, the attorney can speak solely with the I.R.S. Your job as a taxpayer is to stand behind the attorney. My job as the attorney is to stand in for you and take on all the tough questions. Most times you don’t have to meet with them. Once engaged and certain documents are filed, the I.R.S. must stop the collection activities until we can resolve the issues.

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