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What Types Of Personal Injury Cases Does Your
Firm Handle?

My firm handles automobile accidents such as Rear-End and T-Bone collisions, trucking accidents, spinal cord injuries, head and brain trauma, nursing home negligence, elevator/escalator injuries, wrongful death, construction negligence, workers’ compensation, workplace safety violations, slip and falls, train accidents and airplane accidents.

Do Most Personal Injury Cases Reach A Settlement Prior To Trial? Why or Why Not?

Most cases never go to trial and in the small percentage that do, we take steps to ensure that we are very prepared to present them in the most professional manner consistent with superior litigation skills supported by the evidence. The insurance industry is built on profitability. If every case goes to trial, they are going to lose profit. They are also very astute at determining whether something should go to trial or whether a trial is going to cost them more than the bargain to settle. It’s a numbers game to the insurance company but to us it’s much more. It’s our client’s life, his well-being, his financial security. Nothing is more assuring than an advocate to protect the rights of someone that’s been negligently injured or wrongfully killed due to no fault of their own. Every case is taken very seriously despite the monetary assessment of the case.

What Factors Constitute A Viable Personal Injury Claim?

The factors depend on the case itself. Factors include the type of injury, the place where the case will be tried if necessary, and the past jury verdicts of that county for that type of injury. In Missouri, some counties have a reputation in being very conservative in terms of jury verdicts. Awards for certain cases such as soft tissue (no visible injury) accident claims which normally arise out of automobile accidents ultimately may be more liberal or conservative depending on where the case is tried. The attorney must be very aware of these nuances. Also, we look at other factors such as whether the client can present their case in a way that garners the jury’s satisfaction and favors. Juries too are property owners, they are car owners and people too. They want to do the right thing but don’t want to award simply to make someone richer without supportable evidence.

Juries often consider whether an award will make their costs i.e. their insurance may go up. We factor in these concerns to bring out the jury attitude in considering such a question, even though they are instructed by the judge not to consider such speculation. In other words, it’s important to know where you are litigating a case, what kind of jury you are looking at, whether they are conservative and also, they should know what type of judge is hearing the case. Decisions are made all the time regarding personal injury cases. The right decision is a fully informed one. You will always get that from us!

How Important Are Evidence And Witnesses In Personal Injury Claims?

Evidence is critical. Insurance companies are professionals at attempting to minimize damages awards to clients. A good witness to the accident will help as well. Many times there are multiple versions of the accident and a good witness can resolve liability in the favor of the client. We attempt to make sure that we get all the names of the witnesses to interview them thoroughly to get their memory recorded properly so that it won’t change in the time that it takes to go to trial on a matter.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Typically Take To Be Resolved?

Most cases are resolved within 3 to 6 months if not sooner and that includes going to see the doctor, having medical rehabilitation treatment; following the medical dictates of the doctor(s). Cases that take a long time to be resolved are relatively more serious. Birth and death injuries take a lot of time. Issues regarding the amount of damages will take a longer time. So most severe cases will take longer because insurance companies want to hold on to that money if possible to see whether or not you would want to ask for it all. A prepared attorney will know the value of his claim and will pursue every bit of it for his client’s best interest. 3 to 6 months is normally the life-span for a case to be resolved for less complicated cases. Every case is different.

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