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Can I Even Afford An Experienced Attorney?

Sure, you can! Most attorneys handle personal injuries on a contingent fee basis. Contingent simply means in the event of recovery. If you fail to recovery, you should not have to pay the attorney. Make sure the attorney fully explains the fee structure and what happens in the event of an unsuccessful claims process. Fee structures are included in written retainer agreements. That agreement should be in plain simple English and very discernible in terms of the fees.

Do You Recommend That Your Clients Keep A Journal Of Events Following An Injury?

I do advise my client to diary their recollection of the events. Things written contemporaneously lends credence to the believability of the client. As time passes, memories fade and the slightest deviation in memory can be costly. The negative side of this is that this diary is subject to discovery. The other side can get it and read what is written within. The key is to be brief and free of literary license. In other words, don’t try to make your case through the diary. That’s what the job of the lawyer.

How Can Someone Unintentionally Hurt Their Personal Injury Claim?

This is a great question with many answers. So, I’ll keep it short. Being in control and the feeling of independence is very important for most people. Many people may feel the injury isn’t that bad and help is not needed. So they unintentionally delay doing the necessary steps to rightfully recover for their injuries. Others believe they can self-doctor themselves and avoid medical bills. This comes from not speaking with the attorney who can explain how medical treatment works and how treatments are billed in the event of damages recovery, called contingent billing. The advice of an attorney should bring comfort to the independent people that it’s okay to get help; that the accident and their injury is not their fault. What they are seeking is right, just and deserving for circumstances such as these.

What Are The Defenses Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Injury Claims?

The insurance companies’ biggest defenses are the degree of the injuries aren’t significant and the claimant (you) are malingering (faking); this is an intimidation tactic. The second one is the belief a jury won’t award a significant amount because of their intrinsic fear that their insurance rates will climb. The other is simply time. The time it takes to get a jury trial can be long. The client needs money due to the accident. So, pressure from this nefarious approach is very effective. Some clients simply will want to quit the claim, try other attorneys, or insist on settling the case themselves.

What Information Will My Attorney Need To Review Before Filing A Claim?

The review of the police report should be reviewed before filing a claim, if available. Sometimes the police departments may take up to ten days or more to prepare the report so don’t waste too much time waiting before filing the claim. A thorough questioning of the client with specific questions is always required in order to determine liability.

How Can I Assist My Attorney In Getting a Favorable Outcome For My Claim?

The best thing to do is be honest with the attorney and follow his instructions while going through the process. We have handled volumes of insurance claims and know the road all too well. The attorney wants to help you achieve maximum recovery both physically and fiscally! We always encourage frequent communication between lawyer and client because it fosters understanding of the case status and a harmonious relationship with each other. You must trust your lawyer, and your lawyer must trust you.

Are Medical Bills Always Going To Be Paid In Full In A Settlement?

Yes, and possibly no. Sometimes the hospitals and lawyer negotiate lower payment to facilitate a greater recovery for the client and a speedier payout for the doctors and lawyer. We always try to ensure that the maximum recovery is had because we believe everyone should be fully paid.

Will Reimbursement Include Medical Bills Already Paid?

That’s all negotiable. Consideration for future medical bills particularly in serious injuries should always be considered. The damages award should consider all these bills whether paid or to be incurred in the future.

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