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Excessive Fines and Seizures Are Unconstitutional!

Cheers for SCOTUS in the unanimous ruling that excessive fines and seizures are unconstitutional. Cities, counties and municipalities have used the tactic of seizing assets (cash, cars and homes) when they make an arrest, search a home, car, etc.  These assets are taken whether they result in a conviction or charge. These funds are used to fund police departments and to fatten the coffers of the offenders.

For years the offenders have gotten away with this in the St. Louis area resulting in wrongful seizures in the millions.  Justice Ginsburg ruling in her first appearance since her cancer surgery indicated that policing for profit is unconstitutional. Attorneys should ramp up their efforts to retrieve the assets seized form their clients. Expect a fight, but SCOTUS (at least in this opinion) is on your side.


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