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Reasons To Plan Your Life

The last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about estate planning. Sometimes that term sounds too legalistic or “rich” for many people. But it’s really is not. Everyone should consider it. Here are some of the main times in life people seek out estate planning:
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*Parents that want to plan for their children/Special needs (minor or adult); children of School Age
*Entrepreneurs-who realize they don’t know how their family will manage their business after their death.
*Retirement-age elders–who realize that they’re at risk.
*People who are in major life crisis (health, business, other)
*People who witness a crisis, or a parent/child passes away.
*People who are facing a long-term care crisis.
*Someone acting as a Personal Rep/Trustee in exisiting probate matter.
*Single peope who don’t know who would receive their assets or make healthcare decisions for them.
*Blended families (and other alternative family structures)
*Same-sex couples (married and unmarried)

These are just a few, but I needed to say it. Proper planning is everyone’s entitlement in America. There’s a poor person’s way, fraught with snares, horrors and entanglements, then there’s the smart way. Got FAQs go to www.jimersonlawfirm.com or call me 314.862.0069

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