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Serious physical injury including death can come at any time. It’s a fact of life and one that cannot be ignored. We live in a world where modern day activities can cause harm, especially traffic fatalities. There are circumstances however that aggravate the very core of this realization. Those circumstances include the recklessness of distracted, and or impaired drivers. Modern progress has made man a victim of that progress. Many don’t have the discipline to accept the fact that is no such thing as multi-tasking when operating a vehicle. It goes without saying that impaired driving is never acceptable and the acceptance of this has gone to severe sanctions including imprisonment.

There are other victims besides the victims themselves. Many have families, all have friends or loved ones that will have to endure the tragedy of loss. There might be financial hardships since the victim was the breadwinner of the family, and on and on. The law allows for damages and recognize that wrongful death is and should be compensable. We believe that life indeed goes on, but that progression should be made as whole as possible. This progression can be made by contacting a Missouri wrongful death lawyer who understands the local laws. Call us at the Jimerson Law Firm, if you have someone that has been wrongfully killed in an automobile accident or seriously injured. Our St. Louis, MO wrongful death attorney will discuss your case in detail with you and will come up with a strong case to get you the compensation you want. We at the Jimerson Law Firm unlike some don’t brag about the results….we just get them for you! Call 314-862-0069 for a Free Consultation. We offer “Experience You Can Trust!” in Missouri.

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