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What Are Some Ways To Prevent Elder Abuse In Nursing Homes?

No one wants to learn that their loved one was abused or neglected by someone or while at the old age nursing home. It can have a great impact on not only the elderly person but their family as well. One would think that the most logical way to prevent elderly abuse in a nursing home is to keep them at home, but unfortunately, many people do not have any other option than to place their loved one in a nursing home. With the demands of everyday life, being available to care for someone around the clock is close to impossible.

Sadly, there is no method that guarantees elderly abuse prevention, but there are certain strategies that can take place to reduce the chances of an elderly person falling victim of abuse or neglect. The worse part of elderly abuse is that those who are supposed to be caring for them during their last years, or months, end up causing them pain in various forms like emotional, physical, sexual, and even financial. The loved ones and family members can utilize a number of strategies that can serve to protect the elder while they are at the nursing home. The top Missouri elderly Abuse Lawyers for Old Folks Homes are very enraged when they encounter cases of abuse and neglect towards the elderly population. These individuals deserve to live happy for the remainder of their days.

When abuse and neglect have been detected, a course of action needs to be taken as soon as possible. Removing the elderly person from the abusive situation can help reduce the possibilities of dying sooner than intended. An elder person who has been abused has the chances of dying sooner increased. This is where a Missouri elder abuse lawyer can be of assistance. A St. Louis, MO elder abuse attorney can also prove beneficial if you come to know that the elderly may already have been abused. This form of abuse can take any form, from physical, mental, psychological, or even financial.

Strategies That Can Help Your Loved One

Regardless of there not being a method that guarantees elderly abuse prevention, the family and communities can take certain tactics to protect the elder population in Old Folks’ Home. Contacting an elder abuse attorney in your area is your best bet. There are several prevention approaches that the National Center on Elder Abuse(NCEA) reports that can be used. Some of those tactics include:

  • The use of advance planning tools: Advance planning tools is a strategy that clarifies exactly what the elder person wants and wishes to do when they are unable to decide for themselves in the future. For example, formalizing their will before they are admitted to the nursing home. This will reduce the possibility of being financially abused because the elder person will have already established their will beforehand and any changes it in can signify that exploitation is taking place. Some tools include power of attorney designation, among other things.
  • Making the public aware of nursing home abuse: Once the public is aware of the amount of abuse and neglect that goes on in Old Folks’ Homes, more action will be taken to prevent them from being abused. Additionally, those abusing the elder person may fear that they may be caught because the loved ones might be more vigilant.
  • Extensive background checks on employees: Typically, when an elder person is abused by a nursing home staff member, the employee either had a history of violence or crime. When backgrounds are not performed adequately, it increases the chances of an elderly person to get taken advantage of. The family members can investigate the nursing home and their employees before placing them into the selected nursing home.

Trying to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse in Orlando

Although there is no set method to prevent elder abuse, there are measures that the loved ones and nursing home facilities can take to reduce the chances of it. The Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. uses their expertise in nursing home abuse to deter other nursing homes from committing the same acts. Fairness and love are what needs to be given to the elderly population.

If you want to pursue an elder abuse case in St. Louis, Missouri, call the Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. at (314) 786-3536 for a Free Initial Consultation. A St. Louis, MO elder abuse attorney will be assigned to your case who will see the case from start to finish.

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