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Trucking Accidents Can Be More Serious Than You Think!

Trucking Accidents

There are many things to consider when you suffer from a trucking accident from an 18 wheeler, semi-truck tractor trailer or a big rig. There are a lot of setbacks and bills you may incur as a result. For example, you may lose wages from missing work as a result of your injury. You could require a long initial hospital stay. Perhaps you will need surgery or physical therapy after your accident. If you wind up in the hospital for several days that can be incur major medical bills. When you return to work you could be on limited hours or need to leave work early for additional physical therapy sessions. You may even lose months worth of wages from your accident. There is also the pain and suffering that you incur mentally and emotionally as a result of the accident. Your injuries may now limit your ability to live your life normally and as a result you can receive compensation.

Some key factors to keep in mind if you are a victim of a trucking accident are proving negligence. The accident must be a result of recklessness and having caused harm to you the victim. The injuries can be broken bones, spinal cord injuries, lacerations or head and neck injuries. Injuries that occur from trucking negligence are normally very severe and requires an experience person to fully assess and determine fair compensation. Getting a quick settlement is probably the worse thing you can do.

Make sure you contact the police immediately. The police need to take statements from witnesses and both parties involved. Document everything you can including detailed photos of the entire scene. Take photographs of your injuries at the time of the accident. Most people are in a state of shock and don’t think to photograph their own injuries, but this is evidence at the time of the accident that needs to be recorded.
You may ask yourself why you need a trucking litigation attorney. An attorney who specializes can do more for you than you realize. They know the laws specific to the trucking industry in regard to truck weight, truck maintenance and more. They can determine who is at fault in the accident. They know how to prove fault and recover the damages for you. They also can negotiate and obtain a fair settlement. An experienced attorney knows how to negotiate and can advise you if you should hold out for more money or the settlement is fair.
Don’t delay in reaching out to an experienced trucking litigation attorney today to discuss your case. Herman Jimerson has 30 years of experience you can trust. Call him for a free consultation at 314-862-0069.

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