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Should Someone Wait Until The Pandemic Is Over To Create An Estate Plan?

People tend to delay action when they’re unsure when something is going to happen, but this COVID-19 pandemic has brought our own mortality and other concerns more into focus. We’re seeing a lot of parents concerned about protecting their families, particularly their young children. We’ve heard horror stories about parents passing and leaving young children alone. COVID-19 is a horrible thing. It’s killed over a quarter of a million people in the United States alone and reveals our need to be prepared for whatever happens. It’s not enough to hope that everything will be taken care of should something happen to us. We need solid plans to ensure that any condition that may occur during this crisis is covered.

It’s still imperative to have solid plans in place to guide a loved one in how to handle certain matters and to know the wishes and desires of family members. Would they want to go to the hospital? Would they want to be kept on a ventilator? Would they want to be medically kept in a certain condition? As well as protection for your family, this is also protection for your financial condition, as prolonged hospitalization takes away money from the family. How would your family survive if financially you’re being depleted by some type of sickness?

Fear is just “False Evidence Appearing Real.” It’s not real but something we can channel to a secure advantage mentally and financially. It’s just good sense for people to look at certain matters and make plans especially when our minds are more focused now due to the pandemic.

Can Someone Create An Estate Plan With Your Office Through Zoom, Email, Or Telephone?

Absolutely. In addition to that, people can find a lot of resources regarding estate planning on my website. I have books, documents—everything from soup to nuts that you can think about in terms of creating your estate plan—it’s all there under resources on my website. Click on whatever you want. It’s yours and it’s free.

Should I Rush TO Get My Estate Planning Documents Done Right Away Under Current Conditions? Can I Do It Myself? Why Should I Use Your Services?

That’s a great question. I think the person who acts as his own lawyer has a fool for a client; I believe it was Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain who said that. The best thing to do is to make sure that nothing is left to chance. Why would you create your own estate plan? Estate planning is fraught with technicalities, details that most laypeople probably don’t have the expertise to recognize and/or deal with.

I strongly suggest contacting an attorney if you are going to create an estate plan. I know other people who are not attorneys who do estate planning, but why chance the “law” with someone who is not a lawyer? Make sure the person you hire is creating the things you want and telling you about the conditions and any pitfalls that may occur. Don’t rush into anything. Be thoughtful and get yourself educated on the topic before you proceed to speaking with a lawyer. That’s the best way to assure your confidence and ability to openly speak with an attorney.

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