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Protect Your Assets!

Protect, Protect, Protect. Did I mention protect? I can’t say it enough. Protect all your actions. Create the right entities to get the maximum results from your efforts. Create entities such as: living trusts which gives probate protection; corporations which gives tax benefits and personal liability protections; Family Limited Partnerships, which gives lawsuit liability and asset protection; life insurance trusts for estate tax protection; and I can go on. The plain simple fact is that you can achieve your dream of independence and freedom, with a little effort. Right action is about giving a little effort to achieve maximum yield. Here’s a natural example that will make my point. Consider the baby birds that will be pecking their way out of their eggs this spring. From that very moment of breaking through, they attempt to get stronger. Eventually these frail creatures will soar on mighty wings. Nature rules! You are mightier than all the creatures because your mind is a success magnet. No creature can claim that, except man. You can soar like the eagles or walk like the buzzards. I know you choose to soar. Call me to discuss these items, and to schedule a time where I can really give you some guidance.

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