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Do You Need An Attorney for Slip and Fall Matter?

Slips and Falls
It is hard to believe that individuals actually do fall often and can be compensated for their distress. A famous case in Alabama involved a man who was awarded $7.5 million who fell while shopping for watermelons at a Walmart. The whole incident was recorded on security cameras inside the Walmart. There was a pallet hidden beneath the watermelon display and this gentleman went from playing basketball a few times a week to needing a walker just to get around after his hip shattered.
If you slip and fall in a public place there is a chance that you can receive compensation for your injuries. For example, if you slip and fall on a sidewalk the first step is to research who owns the property alongside the sidewalk, and whether that property is residential or commercial. Residential property owners are rarely held liable for the condition of the public sidewalk next to their home. Commercial property owners, however, may prove liable for injuries on a public sidewalk.

A sidewalk slip and fall case revolves around negligence, either the negligence of the entity responsible for sidewalk maintenance or the negligence of the accident victim. The plaintiff must prove the entity was negligent in its maintenance, such as failing to repair holes or broken pavement. If a jury decides the plaintiff is less than 50 percent to blame for the slip and fall, the injured person may receive compensation.
Key factors in a slip and fall case are why the floor may be slippery. It could be water, ice or snow that contributed to your fall. There may be grease on the floor, a banana peel, food debris or floor wax. As soon as you fall you need to make note of what exactly contributed to your accident. Look around for clues as to what substance is on the floor. It is also important to note if there were any warning signs about the slippery condition. Was there a caution sign or not nearby?

If you do find yourself in a situation where you slip and fall the following are some key things to do. Report the accident immediately with a formal report to the person in charge of the property. Second, keep a copy of the report and all correspondence between you and the insurance company, along with medical bills etc. Next, determine if there were any eyewitnesses to your accident. Take photographs to show how the accident occurred. Lastly, consult with a personal injury attorney within 24 hours of the accident to get the best legal advice about your situation while you still can take action. Don’t wait. Call Herman Jimerson TODAY at 314-862-0069.

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