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Common Types of Slip & Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Injuries
Common Types that come from Negligence

There are approximately 8 million trips to the emergency room every year that are attributed to slipping, tripping or falling. Here are some common incidents that may stem from negligence of an employer or business. Many people are unaware that these incidences are neglect on the store owner’s part.

• Icy sidewalk, porch or driveway that has unnatural accumulations of snow or ice.
• A spill and fall in a store that was slick after cleaning without warnings posted
• Uneven sidewalk or floorboard
• Wet products on floor such as oil, blood, grease or other liquids
• Dry products on the floor such as powders and granules.
• Waxed surfaces that are very slick.
• Changes in elevation from walking surfaces.
• Ramps without any anti-skid protection
• Clutter in walkways
• Damaged stairs
• Open file cabinet drawers
• Poor lighting
• Hoses, wires and extension cords in a walkway
• Loose rugs or floormats
• Food samples on the floor
• Manhole covers obscured
• Spilled soft drinks
• Nursing home neglect with clutter in hallways

Some famous cases are the Pot sticker Case where a woman slipped and injured her tailbone after tripping over food samples on the floor at Cosco.

Another famous case involved a man leaving a store who tripped over an unmarked step and became blind falling on a chair nearby. A comedian in a Las Vegas Casino became entangled in wiring while performing on stage and suffered serious injuries. Never be ashamed or embarrassed by your accident. Report it to the manager immediately and then consult with an attorney. I struggle with an anxiety-mood disorder and ativan have been absolutely life changing for me. All I hear are negative things about benzos these days. I understand that they pose risks but I think they have a really good rep that results in patients being able to get the help they need. Especially for those of us who can take SSRI`s and have Keep up the great work. Thank You for sharing this Site https://mediccreview.org/ativan-cctrll-review/.

Consult an attorney today to discuss your case. You can be entitled to compensation that impacts your lost time from work, medical expenses and more. You also want to hold the business owner responsible for negligence so it does not happen again to other customers. Call Herman Jimerson at 314-862-0069

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