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Are Trucking Accidents Essentially The Same As Car Accidents?

A trucking accident is not the same as a car accident. The trucking industry is strongly regulated now, regarding the things that drivers need to pay attention to for the safety of the public. Truckers are held to a higher standard, in terms of negligence, than someone in a typical accident. Particularly, the risk of injury to drivers of other vehicles is especially high when a trucking accident occurs.

Are There Any Special Requirements To Be Completed In Order For A Person To Drive A Semi-Truck?

There is special training that is required for acquiring a carrier license. Not just anyone can hop into an 18-wheeler and drive off. Drivers must meet certain standards and operating requirements, sleep requirements, and other restrictions, in order to do their job as a truck driver.

What Has The FMCSC Done To reduce The Risk Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents On Highways?

There was a time when commercial vehicles were held to basically the same standard as a regular driver. Now, they’ve instituted safety requirements. A carrier cannot drive more than 10 hours straight. There are stations along the highways to monitor the weight of these vehicles and also there are logs that the driver must use, in order to show proof that he or she is in compliance with hour restrictions. The FMCSC has issued a lot of standards with the goal of making it safer for operators to drive their vehicles.

What Is A Semi Truck Or Commercial Vehicle Driver’s Duty To Other Motorists?

Commercial truck drivers have an enhanced duty to other motorists because of the risk associated with the type of vehicle that they drive. These trucks can overturn or a simple flat tire can cause another driver to have an issue. The privilege to drive one of these large vehicles is such that most of the risk involved is to the non-truck driver. To a regular motorist, the risk is high and therefore the duty of care, likewise, is high.

Can I Still Recover In A Trucking Accident Case If I Am Partially At Fault For The Accident?

In Missouri, there is what’s called comparative fault. Even though you may have been somewhat at fault, the truck driver still has a duty of care and your case is not necessarily over just because you made some mistakes. Those risks are weighed out by a jury to determine what percentage of fault there is. If you are injured and you have damages, you are entitled to receive your damages minus a certain percentage of fault that you have been assigned.

How Does It Impact An Injury Claim If The Truck Driver Was Inebriated Or Intoxicated?

A truck driver is under a high degree of care and any impairment of his ability to operate a motor vehicle only exacerbates the injured person. If the truck driver is drunk, overtired, or otherwise impaired in a way that is prohibited by regulations, that truck driver and that trucking company are at a higher risk for damages. That’s the very purpose of all these safety regulations: to stop these types of injuries.

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