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Criminal Defense

Criminal law defense works require the attorney to be able to positively see his client’s situation and present that client in the best possible light. It requires that the attorney is absolutely free of judgment of the client and open to presentation that best suits him or her. Herman L. Jimerson has been a licensed attorney since 1986 and a preserver of that torch of freedom. All accused or potentially accused persons deserves the best representation if affordable. His experience touches the full range of the criminal spectrum from simple misdemeanor/infraction matters to more complex matters including cases calling for the death penalty. Mr. Jimerson is well experience in Federal Courts. Federal law procedures requires a compliment detailed competence and confidence.

The Jimerson Law Firm is serious about criminal defense work and protecting your fundamental right to have competent counsel in your most serious time of need. Nothing can be more important than protecting the freedom of someone that is charged or facing criminal charges. When your future is in jeopardy you have the right to take immediate action.

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