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Ignition Interlock Device (IID) Information For DUI

Arizona state law requires you to install and maintain an interlock ignition device (IID) when your sentencing for certain alcohol or drug-related offenses specifies this requirement. Your driving privileges may also be suspended or revoked.

For any alcohol or drug offense, you need to take the charges seriously. This means having a defense lawyer able to help you gain reduced or dismissed charges. Your DUI lawyer uses their experience and knowledge of Arizona state laws to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

Are IIDs Always Accurate?

IIDs work similarly to breathalyzers. They measure your blood alcohol concentration from your breath. Some of these devices deliver occasional false positives, another reason why you need the help of a qualified DUI defense lawyer.

Your vehicle’s engine will not start until your breath sample shows you are within legal alcohol limits. After the engine starts, you can drive the vehicle. But you will still have to perform additional periodic breath tests, called rolling tests, to keep the vehicle running. These devices keep drivers from driving after drinking, as well as from operating the vehicle then drinking while driving.

What is My IID Recording?

Your ignition interlock device also records data about your test results and driving habits. The IID records information that includes:

  • Details of measurable BAC
  • Attempts to start the care without using the IID
  • Refusal to take the rolling test when driving
  • Failure of the rolling test
  • Tampering with the IID
  • Distance of your vehicle’s travel
  • Occurrences of your vehicle’s stopping and starting

Ignition Interlock Device Costs

IIDs cost a lot to install and maintain. Most IIDs cost up to $2,000 per year. If you own more than one vehicle, you must have IIDs in each of your vehicles. These costs include:

  • Device installation
  • Monthly maintenance fees
  • Monthly rental fees
  • Other administrative and license-related fees

You also lose a great deal of time to your IID. Device maintenance requires regular appointments for download of your device data and recalibration of the system. Sometimes the devices lock up and require maintenance. You also need to meet reporting requirements, including providing verification of your IID installation to the MVD.

Of course, using your IID takes time out of your schedule. Driving anywhere takes much longer, since you must test before starting the car and pull over to test during vehicle operation. If you drive a vehicle without an IID installed and used, you risk adding another year to your IID sentence requirements. For other violations related to improper use of your device or other failures, you risk another six to 12 months of IID use.

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The Right Lawyer for Your DUI Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, such as DUI, you need the skilled legal help of a DUI defense attorney. The legal team protects your rights as a criminal defendant, helping you gain reduced or dismissed charges whenever possible.

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