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Dying Without a Will Your Worst Nightmare

Dying Without a Will Your Worst Nightmare

A fireman recently commented, I see people every day that didn’t expect to die today but they did. An insightful comment because no one plans this event, however it is a reality. You should be aware of the implications of not having a will or forgetting to update your will when you get divorced etc.
Have you heard the story about the man who had no spouse and a 3 million dollar estate and died without a will? He had 9 siblings. If they weren’t dysfunctional before, after his death they became so with all the fighting going on to claim what they thought they deserved. You may have an amazing family or one like the Adams family, in either case don’t leave loose ends. The tightest of families have gone to war over assets and never spoken to each other again.
Another man dies and had two of his own children from a previous marriage. He had remarried a woman who had two of her own children. His second wife inherited everything by putting the money in her name with her own children as beneficiaries and left the man’s own children with nothing!
Can you imagine after your untimely death, your ex is collecting all your company pension benefits and cashing in your life insurance because you forgot to change the beneficiary designations after your divorce in a timely manner? It has happened to some people.
No will, no way you will be remembered your way. What kind of funeral do you want for your loved ones? Do you wanted a happy party where friends gather and share funny stories about you? No somber memorials for you, right? Well in that case, it’s best to clearly state what you want in both a will and a separate letter that can easily be found upon your death.
Don’t let these nightmares be your worst actual story. Take charge and write your will today so everything is laid out carefully and those you love are provided for. Call Herman Jimerson today at 314-862-0069.

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