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Excessive Fines and Seizures Are Unconstitutional!

Cheers for SCOTUS in the unanimous ruling that excessive fines and seizures are unconstitutional. Cities, counties and municipalities have used the tactic of seizing assets (cash, cars and homes) when they make an arrest, search a home, car, etc.  These assets are taken whether they result in a conviction or charge. These funds are used to fund police departments and to fatten the coffers of the offenders. For years the offenders have gotten away with this in the St. Louis area resulting in wrongful seizures in the millions.  Justice Ginsburg ruling in her first appearance since her cancer surgery indicated… Read More →

A Dignified Ending: Stop Nursing Home Abuse

Our greatest generation, the baby boomers are nearing ages where assistance is needed for their continued care.  Unfortunately the level of care they receive is a national disgrace. The other day it was reported that an elderly person was permitted to literally “rot to death” while in a nursing facility.  The death camps often are understaffed, untrained and uncaring about the greatest care deserved. Missouri is another culprit in this care. It caps the amount that a person’s family can receive with a wrongful death claim. Many attorneys try to shop elsewhere when seeking to file lawsuits simply because of… Read More →

Feel Good About Tomorrow!

I just had a conversation with a client who husband recently died. The couple had no children and she lowered her head with  that admission. She was not in the best of health, but wanted to make sure she was not a burden to her brothers and sisters.  After doing some initial planning and drafting for her she felt admittedly felt better.  She said “This will help!” She actually felt better about the inevitable tomorrow. Take a few minutes to feel good about tomorrow.   http://www.jimersonlawfirm.com

What’s a Living Will….More Than a Moral Choice?

A living will is more than a healthcare directive.  It’s an asset manager and protector.  We often look upon a living will as some moral decision. That’s not the only benefit!  It’s a well considered and executed financial decision.  Spiraling healthcare cost for someone being connected to machines when death is imminent only drains the estate. There is lesser money for your family to go forward with. No one wants that! So consider this when completing a healthcare directive/Living Will, it’s both a moral and fiscally prudent thing to do. Call me if you have any questions.  www.jimersonlawfirm.com.

What’s In Your Parachute?

I always advise my clients that leaving no will is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. The end results are normally not anticipated.  What most people don’t know is that the state will declare a will for you when you fail to make a written one. It’s call an “intestate” will or statutory will. It simply mean, dying without a written will. The problem with this is it may not be what you want. Most times it is not. Human being and relationships are more complicated these days and quite frankly the probate laws have not caught up to… Read More →

Deciding Whether To Get Your Vehicle Repaired Or Totaled After An Auto Accident

People involved in auto accidents of ask personal injury attorneys whether their car needs to be totaled or if they can get the car repaired. The answer is generally they do not have much of a choice. If people go through either their own insurance carrier or the other party’s insurance carrier, their car is a total loss when the cost to repair it exceeds the actual value of the car. People generally feel like their car will never be the same after it is involved in a crash so it is understandable when they wish to get their vehicle… Read More →

The Rise and Rise of the Freelance Attorney

As has been predicted by several influential people and thought leaders, and as reported by several media outlets, many jobs that people will be doing in 20 years time do not currently exist today. Many of these job titles don’t have a name yet and the industries that they will exist in, haven’t even been created as at today. Want an example? Think of the “Sharing Economy” of which Uber, AirBnB and the likes belong to. While this economy or industry can more generally be regarded as belonging to the “peer-to-peer” industry, which has been around for a bit longer… Read More →


There are some incidents which are involuntary and one has no control over them. Accidents is one of the situations where a person losses senses and clearly he has no idea how to react. When the accident has been occurred, there is a lot that a person has to look after and go through, alone. It becomes very difficult to take things into hands when there are a number of affairs to deal with. The vehicle that has been damaged has to be given for the repair, more than that, the health injuries resulting from the accidents are extremely painful… Read More →

Bankruptcy Filings Decreased, but that’s not Good!

July total bankruptcy filings decrease 8%. Does this mean that things are getting better for the consumer? Maybe, maybe not. A decrease in filings can come from many things such as economic stability or the inability to afford the high costs of filing such as court costs. Since 2005 the cost of filing a consumer bankruptcy petition has skyrocketed. The average cost is over $350.00 dollars. To a struggling family that can be a significant deterrent in seeking relief.  Many consumer debtor’s fear the fees of bankruptcy attorneys, but don’t fully understand the flexibility involved in creating an effective and… Read More →

Preparation For Getting Married

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time, one full of promise. But those happy days can quickly end if you do not enter a marriage after considering the future, each spouse’s opinions regarding division of assets in the event of divorce or death, and other important matters. You need to discuss how finances will be managed in the marriage and in case things do not end with happily ever after. While many people feel nervous about discussing these issues, they play a major role in how happily married you will feel. After all, money matters also significantly impact “wedded bliss.”… Read More →