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Bankruptcy Filings Decreased, but that’s not Good!

July total bankruptcy filings decrease 8%. Does this mean that things are getting better for the consumer? Maybe, maybe not. A decrease in filings can come from many things such as economic stability or the inability to afford the high costs of filing such as court costs. Since 2005 the cost of filing a consumer bankruptcy petition has skyrocketed. The average cost is over $350.00 dollars. To a struggling family that can be a significant deterrent in seeking relief.  Many consumer debtor’s fear the fees of bankruptcy attorneys, but don’t fully understand the flexibility involved in creating an effective and… Read More →

IRS Problems Don’t Go Away by Themselves!

     This is something that we all know but all are guilty of….procrastination. Sometimes the problems seems so annoying that evading or ignoring it seems the best remedy at the time. This, however, can be the most dangerous approach to the IRS problem. If you had a blood clot, would you just pretend it’s not there?  Of course not because doing so could be devastating. This is the same with IRS problems, left alone they are cluster bombs waiting to destroy any sense of financial well being you have. Now I realize after saying this is that the reason most… Read More →

Wrongful Death is Simply Wrong!

Jimerson, Herman Owner, Jimerson Law Firm, P.C. Contact a St. Louis, MO wrongful death attorney Serious physical injury including death can come at any time. It’s a fact of life and one that cannot be ignored. We live in a world where modern day activities can cause harm, especially traffic fatalities. There are circumstances however that aggravate the very core of this realization. Those circumstances include the recklessness of distracted, and or impaired drivers. Modern progress has made man a victim of that progress. Many don’t have the discipline to accept the fact that is no such thing as multi-tasking… Read More →

Missouri’s New Gun Legislation Is Dangerous!

Jimerson, Herman Owner, Jimerson Law Firm, P.C.      Missouri lawmakers have passed dangerous legislation regarding the possession of guns whether concealed or not.  Effective  January 1, 2017, all citizens of Missouri can carry concealed weapons without getting the proper training and certification.  Also dangerous is the sweeping  allowance it gives to carrying a concealed weapon.  The past practice in Missouri for getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon was to go through an investigative process with the Sheriff in the county of applicant’s residence.  This at least provided for some background checking to see whether that applicant is legally and mentally fit… Read More →

Considering the Criminal Defendant Client as Human

    WHAT CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS SOMETIMES NEGLECT MAY BE COSTLY; THE COST OF OVERLOOKING MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCE MAY BE “FREEDOM”   When it comes to advocating for justice, I can’t think of many higher callings than the criminal defense attorney.  The criminal defense attorney takes on cases when other attorneys shudder and run merely because of the allegations are too horrendous. It’s takes a powerful sense of pride and belief in the institutions of this country to represent someone in a criminal matter. The point of this piece is that advocacy and belief in a client’s innocence, should not be… Read More →

How To Get Through The Aftermath Of An Accident

It is incredibly hard to predict when an accident will occur. In the United States alone, motor vehicle accidents take place every fraction of a second, leading to serious injury and even death. In their wake, a lot of damage occurs resulting in the destruction of property. Whereas accidents are unexpected, there are others that take place primarily because of human error. Most accidents happen when un-roadworthy vehicles roam our road networks while others occur due to reckless driving. If you so happen to be involved in road carnage, you should refuse to take the liability of any wrongdoing since… Read More →

How Much Cerebral Palsy Is Dangerous To Infants? Ft Lauderdale

The basic understanding of cerebral palsy: Cerebral palsy is the name of abnormality or damage during the developing phase of the brain. It leaves severe and everlasting impacts on an infant’s ability to have power over his/her muscles. There are a number of probable causes which wreck havoc to the child’s brain.  Normally dearth of oxygen during delivery process is the main cause of cerebral palsy but this is a wrong conception, as scientists have come to the conclusion that there are various causes of cerebral palsy. If you think that your baby has suffered cerebral palsy due to the… Read More →

Common Types Of Work Injuries Covered By Workers Compensation

There are different types of injuries that you can get while at your workplace. The causes of these injuries vary significantly. There are those that are caused by the negligence of the employer while others come as a result of pure carelessness on the part of the employees. Regardless of the cause or the extent of the injury, some injuries are covered by workers’ compensation while others are not. It is important for you to know the types of injuries covered so that you know the path to take in case of an accident at work. You should also be… Read More →

Helpful Tips For Preventing Auto Accidents

Being distracted and losing concentration while driving can have disastrous consequences for all parties involved. Depending on the severity of the impact and the circumstances of the crash, auto accidents can cause major injury or potentially be fatal. People who are fortunate enough to survive the impact still bear the high risk of sustaining injuries that can take weeks to manifest and years to heal. In certain cases it has been observed that an injury sustained from the accident does not manifest any symptoms until a few months down the track. In order to avoid getting into an accident you… Read More →

Get Your Queries Satisfied About The Esa Letter

Medical professionals recommend an effective therapy for the disabled people. According to them, a companion animal can provide the therapeutic outcomes due to its affection and companionship. The emotional support animal does not require any special pieces of training. The emotional or mental disability badly affects the life of a person. It is the time when a right companion is required. The ESA provides the comfort and support to such person and proves to be an integral part of their treatment. The emotional support animal owner should be aware of the potential benefits that he is eligible to obtain such… Read More →