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Texting While Driving Means Negligence

Texting While Driving Means Negligence According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every day about 9.5 people are killed and 1,000 are injured by distracted driving.Texting while driving is the most dangerous form of driver distraction. More people today are preoccupied with their cell phones and don’t see the danger of answering text messages while on the road. It takes your focus off the road even if for a split second, which is long enough to cause an accident. In the five seconds you take to read a text message your car at 55 mph can have traveled… Read More →

End of Life Matters

End of Life Matters are You Ready?   Two thirds of Americans are not prepared for end of life by avoiding the most necessary plans. Do you have a health care directive? You think I don’t need to worry about that now and put it off till later. Procrastination in this matter is a killer literally because you don’t have your future secured. Taking care of yourself at the end of life is as vital as at the beginning. This involves mostly your family and how difficult the transition will be for them in these matters. A well laid out… Read More →

Five Advantages of a Living Trust

Five Advantages of a Living Trust The best time to prepare a Living Trust is when you are healthy and can make sound financial decisions. It will provide a secure future for your loved ones and save them from hours in the court process. 1. A living trust avoids probate. What is probate? Probate simply refers to the court-supervised process of distributing a deceased person’s estate. Probate can be very lengthy and costly as well as delay distributions to your beneficiaries. It may also cut down on the amount of money the beneficiaries inherit. When you place your property in… Read More →

If you’re wealthy Inmate you can hang yourself and take Guards with You

Is prison security equal? I know this is a rhetorical questions because the simple fact that someone is in prison negates the fact that they are always secure. But the question is are some more secure because of their wealth? Jeffrey Epstein, the multimillionaire who allegedly committed rape of  underage children was found hanging in his jail cell. Many inmates every year are found in similar fatal positions. However this time two federal guards were criminally charged with neglecting their duties and falsifying records to cover up the death. How is this different? The simple answer can be MONEY. Similar… Read More →

Do Something Different to Get a Different Result! CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

Create your own Business. You’ve been thinking about it for years but somehow life got in the way. You’ve had wonderful ideas in the night, just to abandon them when the alarms remind you that you’re running late for work. Those ideas are Universal Gifts to you. They’re the seed of your independence and enlightenment. Don’t fret if you didn’t jot them down, the gifts are endless. You just have to be ready to receive them. The legal point here as well is that the Federal Government rewards capitalism and entrepreneurial enterprise. The true road to riches and freedom starts… Read More →

Protect Your Assets!

Protect, Protect, Protect. Did I mention protect? I can’t say it enough. Protect all your actions. Create the right entities to get the maximum results from your efforts. Create entities such as: living trusts which gives probate protection; corporations which gives tax benefits and personal liability protections; Family Limited Partnerships, which gives lawsuit liability and asset protection; life insurance trusts for estate tax protection; and I can go on. The plain simple fact is that you can achieve your dream of independence and freedom, with a little effort. Right action is about giving a little effort to achieve maximum yield.… Read More →

Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Injured in a Car Accident? Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney 1. Manage the legal aspects of your case so that you can focus on recovering. Having a car accident is a big deal. Your personal property may be damaged. You may have incurred injuries and experience a setback in losing paid time from work. You may even have physical therapy and other medical expenses to top it all off. You deserve to be compensated for all your injuries and expenses. An attorney can do what he is qualified to do so you can focus on recovering.… Read More →


It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to certain tasks (especially when they’re related to estate planning). But don’t you always feel better when you can check something off your to-do list? Misconceptions about estate planning can make the process of creating a plan more confusing than it needs to be, so let’s set the record straight. Here are a few common myths that may be holding you back: Myth 1: “A basic will is enough.” Having a will is better than having nothing at all, but you can do better. An advance directive, health care power of attorney and… Read More →

Do You Really Want to be A Personal Representative In a Probate Estate?

Do you really want to be a personal representative in a probate estate? Often it not much of a choice because of a family member or close friend. It’s good to have an understanding of the probate process before you undertake that endeavor. Most people are blissfully unaware of all that’s needed to undertake and settle an estate in probate. The Court normally through a will or application appoints a the person authorized to settle the estate. That person is called by many names across the country, but in Missouri the common term “Personal Representative” is often used. Sometimes the… Read More →

Do You Need An Attorney for Slip and Fall Matter?

Slips and Falls It is hard to believe that individuals actually do fall often and can be compensated for their distress. A famous case in Alabama involved a man who was awarded $7.5 million who fell while shopping for watermelons at a Walmart. The whole incident was recorded on security cameras inside the Walmart. There was a pallet hidden beneath the watermelon display and this gentleman went from playing basketball a few times a week to needing a walker just to get around after his hip shattered. If you slip and fall in a public place there is a chance… Read More →